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Answers to some common questions.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for below, please just get in touch.

How do we set up an order?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Orders can be made in no time using our online form, or simply by calling us on 0845 313 1499. We’d love to hear from you.

If certain fruits are being left, can we change the selection?

Yes, of course. We’re always flexible with our fruit mix. And we’ll be happy to give you more or less of certain fruits within the range of your package. If you want to make changes, just drop us a note on info@fruitsinthecity.co.uk.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver daily throughout central Scotland – including Edinburgh, Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We occasionally deliver further afield too, so please just get in touch to ask.

How are the deliveries made?

All of our orders are hand delivered by our own team. We do NOT outsource courier any of our deliveries over long distances, or use cardboard boxes.

What time will you deliver?

We run efficient eco-routes across the city, avoiding route duplications. And we aim to have our deliveries done before 1.45pm (unless the weather or traffic are really against us). Deliveries are free, but there might be a small charge outside city centres.

What days do you deliver?

Monday to Friday. We can deliver daily, weekly, twice weekly, fortnightly or even monthly (we usually suggest twice weekly – so staff have fruit throughout the week).

What happens to the empty wooden fruit boxes?

Our delivery team will take away the old box (or basket) and replace it with a fresh one on the next delivery day. So please do return all boxes and baskets – it helps us to be sustainable. Just let our driver know where they can be collected.

Where does the fruit come from?

Our buying team select only Grade A fruit from the Glasgow Wholesale Fruit & Veg market. We also buy from local fruit farms during the Scottish berry season.

Can we have a free sample?

Yes, of course. Then you can see for yourself what a difference it can make to your company. Try it free today.

Is there a discount if we have offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow?

Yes. We already do this for clients with multiple offices across central Scotland. Just give us your details, and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote.

If we’re closed for a Bank Holiday can we re-arrange delivery?

Yes, you can. If your order normally comes on a Monday, we’ll aim to re-deliver on Tuesday. Just email info@fruitsithecity.co.uk and let us know any days you’ll be closed. Around bank holidays there can be be some delivery day changes.

Can we put our order on hold?

Yes, that’s fine. If it’s for an away day or your office is closed over a holiday period, please just get in touch at info@fruitsinthecity.co.uk with at least 48 hours notice.

What if we have an issue with quality?

Thankfully it doesn’t happen often. But, quality control is very important to us. So, if you feel a piece of fruit’s not to your liking – for example overripe – we’ll replace like for like on your next delivery day, without any fuss.

How do we cancel?

We don’t like to see any of our customers leave. But we know that these things do happen from time to time. All we ask is that you finish the month you’re in, then email info@fruitsinthecity.co.uk to ask for the account cancellation. One of our team will then be in touch to finalise the last delivery date and confirm the cancellation in writing.